Wearables in the Workplace and Their Impact on How We Work
Research last year by Credit Suisse called wearable tech "the next big thing" and predicted the industry was set to grow from around $3 billion to $5 billion today to $50 billion within five years.

Date: 2014-12-17
Samsung Gear 2 Neo smartwatch - some initial impressions
Last month, I bought a Samsung Gear 2 Neo smartwatch. It's been on my wrist every day over the past few weeks, replacing my usual traditional watch that tells the time and shows me the date.

Date: 2014-11-25
People Are Reportedly Becoming Addicted To Google Glass
Yes, it appears that full-blown dependency is the next great tribulation of the Google Glass superuser. We now have a reported case of Google Glass addiction in the books.

Date: 2014-10-22
Camera Drones For Movie and TV Filming To Be Approved By The FAA
The Federal Aviation Administration is poised to approve exemptions for seven aerial photo and video production companies, allowing them to lawfully operate their unmanned aircraft systems for the purposes of filming movies and television shows.

Date: 2014-10-01
New Android App EndlessJabber Allows You To Send and Receive SMS Messages From Multiple Devices
EndlessJabber is a new Android app, which enables users to send and receive SMS/MMS messages from any PC, tablet, web browser or XMPP client. The folks behind it are currently raising funds through KickStarter.

Date: 2014-09-10
Kid-Friendly Version Of Google Products Coming Soon
Earlier this week, news came out that Google is looking at catering to a whole new market – kids under thirteen years old.

Date: 2014-08-20
January 2015 UK Drivers Can Expect Driverless Cars On The Road
Business Secretary Vince Cable and the UK Department for Transport have just announced a "fast track" initiative for driverless cars, saying that the autonomous vehicles will hit public roads in about six months.

Date: 2014-07-30
iPad Version Of Facebook Messenger Gets Released
In finally, that happened news, Facebook has released a dedicated iPad version of their Facebook Messenger app.

Date: 2014-07-09
Honeywell Announces New Smart Thermostat
The smart thermostat business has held promise for quite a while now, with even companies such as Google investing heavily in the technology. Now one of the most popular thermostat makers in the world has entered its own smart thermostat into the running.

Date: 2014-06-18
Putting wearable tech in the business context
A quick search on Google for the term "wearable technology" will produce some 162,000 results, about what you might expect for two very broad key words on such a topic.

Date: 2014-05-19
Google Glass and I
At least 2 billion of planet earth's inhabitants live in two worlds; the three dimensional offline world of things that we can see, hear, touch, smell, and taste; and the online world, represented in two dimensions on the always-too-small screens of our desktops, laptops, tablets, and smart phones.

Date: 2014-04-30
Introducing Microsoft Windows Phone 8.1 with Cortana
Microsoft has unveiled details of Windows POhone 8.1 OS as well as their new "digital Assistant" - enter Cortana - honestly, I have to say that I'm really not hot on the name and I'm even less excited about actually saying the name Cortana! Regardless, Microsoft has rolled out their latest effort to hype the Lumia lineup of devices with hopes that some of these slick smartphons may even start showing up in the hands of consumers…

Date: 2014-04-09
Video – Google Project Tango – A smartphone that can map its surroundings in 3D
So, you may have heard about Google’s foray into the smartphone market and Project Tango. What is Tango exactly?? From Google… Our current prototype is a 5″ phone containing customized hardware and software designed to track the full 3D motion of the device, while simultaneously creating a map of the environment.

Date: 2014-03-12
Apple To Make Medical Devices?
Apple is one of the biggest companies in the world thanks to its mobile devices. The iPhone and iPad have proven to be big sellers quarter after quarter, but the gravy train can’t last forever. Apple has to be constantly looking for the next big thing, and it may have found it.

Date: 2014-02-19
The 12 Principles of CES, Plus 3D Printing, Wearables and More in the CES2014 Review
Remember the Consumer Electronics Show? It always feels like a blur while you're there, and then after. Now, just a bit later, I've had enough of a chance to step back and try to figure out what mattered, especially for brands, but also for technologists and consumers. 

Date: 2014-01-29
HP Unveils the Z1 G2 Workstation — With Touch!
Recall that yours truly has been using the amazing HP All-in-one workstation for a couple of months and enjoying it to maintain all of our websites and perform my daily tasks as well as GIS/mapping duties – see the detailed review HERE. Well, today at CES in Las Vegas, HP has unveiled the First 27-inch Diagonal All-in-one Workstation with Touch Capability. The news… HP today announced the second generation of the world’s first and only all-in-one workstation with a 27-inch diagonal display, the HP Z1, which is now available with Windows® 8 Touch and Intel® Thunderbolt 2capabilities—making it HP’s most powerful, innovative and fully featured all-in-one workstation.

Date: 2014-01-08
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