True iPad Competitor Coming Soon?
Notion Ink is an Indian startup or should I say upstart who is gunning for the biggest of them all — Apple. In the very spirit of innovation that has led Steve Job to where he is today, founder Rohan Shravan is confident that their first offering is going to blow the competition away.

Date: 2010-12-15
Understanding The Vast Uses Of 3G Technology
Earlier this month, we saw country's first privately held 3G service from Tata Docomo. With large marketing efforts across all possible advertising medium, Tata Docomo established itself as the first private company to roll out commercial 3G services across 9 circles.

Date: 2010-12-01
Google TV: A Preview Of Future Televisions
What do you get when you combine television viewing with Internet? Google TV.

Date: 2010-11-17
Moving From Media Center To AppleTV
Last month I replaced the last remaining PC in my home with a MacBook Pro. I used to have three PCs in my house. Now we are officially a 100% Mac family (two MacBook Pros and a Mac Mini).

Date: 2010-11-03
New iOS4 Firmware Update To Fix Multitasking Issues
The success of the iPad over the last year is changing the face of mobile computing. The tablet revolution was brought about by Apple's revolutionary technology, which has moved them to the forefront of computing.

Date: 2010-10-19
How To Pair Your Phone To A Bluetooth Stereo
I'm driving my girlfriend's Chevy Equinox (don't tell her, but I actually like it better than my Ford F10) and want to be able to use my Apple iPhone as a hands-free cell phone in the car.

Date: 2010-10-06
The Dell Streak: A Smartphone Or Something More?
"Is it a phone? Is it a tablet? An iPad killer? Or what?" These are the questions that stood out to me in much of the online commentary about the Dell Streak, the new mobile device launched by Dell a few months ago. And many people answer such questions by describing it as a smartphone.

Date: 2010-09-22
Google TV May Lose Its Chance Before They Launch
I earlier asked the question: Will Google Succeed with TV Where Apple and Microsoft Have Fallen Short? Well it seems that Google is also having a rocky road, at least according to Rick Munarriz at the Motely Fool.

Date: 2010-09-08
iPad 2 and the Impending Waves of Tablet PCs
In the immortal words of Antoine Dodson: "Hide your kids. Hide your wife. Hide your husbands, too, because the Tablet PCs are coming." Well, maybe not his exact words, but the reality is that Tablet PCs are going to flood the market in 2011.

Date: 2010-08-18
Promising BlackBerry Torch Unveiled
Earlier this week, yet another high-tech smartphone debuted, but unlike many of the devices that have come before it, the BlackBerry Torch doesn't look like it'll be old news before the month is out.

Date: 2010-08-04
Does 3DTV Have A Solid Future?
It was the ultimate test. Could 3DTV get geeks inside from the beautiful scenery in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Just outside the window of the private home I was fortunate enough to visit today are the Grand Tetons.

Date: 2010-07-21
Sony XPERIA X10 Mini Survives iPhone4
I am back to provide GAB readers a preview of the upcoming Sony XPERIA X10 Mini that is coming out shortly in Canada & Europe as it should be reaching US shores later this Summer.

Date: 2010-07-07
Toshiba Fights Back With The "Touch" Netbook
The iPad is highly popular around the world and is taking market share away from netbooks. That much you can see all around you.

Date: 2010-06-23
The iPhone 4 Versus The Best Android-based Phones
So, since I haven't carried an iPhone around with me for more than a week and I got an up and close look at the iPhone 4 today here's my list of the pros and cons of iPhone 4 vs. the Sprint EVO or Verizon's Incredible (the two best Android-based phones out there).

Date: 2010-06-09
May Might Lead To Mass Exodus of iPhone Users From AT&T
There have been no official announcements as of yet, but all signs point to Apple announcing their offering of the iPhone on multiple carriers.

Date: 2010-05-24
Managed Servers at The Planet
Get The Planet’s enterprise-class hosting infrastructure PLUS the benefit of complete server management

Date: 2010-05-21
Full Review Of The iPad 3G
There is obviously no shortage of iPad reviews on the web, but why not dogpile on? I received the iPad 3G on Friday and have spent the weekend playing with it and letting my kids use it as well.

Date: 2010-05-05
Hide From Google With This Browser Add-On
When people use one of the major search engines, one wonders if they know just how much information they're giving up to the company who's service they're using.

Date: 2010-04-21
How Does Music Service Stack Up On The iPad?
The iPad's first days sales including pre-orders are said to be in the 600-700,000 range according to an analysis by Piper Jaffray who now estimates first year sales could top 5.5 million. (Apple officially says that they sold 300,000) By contrast first day iPhone sales were just 270,000, in part because of supply issues.

Date: 2010-04-07
Device Turns Thought Into Text
Late last year, HitTechEdge hosted an article about potential technology which could connect human brain activity to a PC. A group of researchers from IMEC have taken what was just an idea, and have made it into reality.

Date: 2010-03-24
The Boxee Experience and Upcoming Release of The Boxee Box
"Best Home Entertainment", "CEA Best of Innovations", "G4 Best of the Best", these are just a few of the awards Boxee Box won at CES 2010 this year.

Date: 2010-03-10
Personal Tech Review: iPhone Skins
Ever since adhesive companies like 3M came up with high-quality sticker materials, companies have slowly but surely been licensing brands, logos and artwork to help us personalize our laptops, car windows and personal electronics.

Date: 2010-02-26
Nvidia Optimus To Forever Change Notebook Graphics
When one thinks of a notebook or laptop, the last thing on their minds is graphical power. The reason being, it's quite difficult to provide an extensive graphical option that doesn't drain battery.

Date: 2010-02-10
Press Announcements Start To Flood In For The Apple Tablet
Appcelerator, which is a company that makes a developer tool/platform for developing native mobile and desktop apps by using HTML...

Date: 2010-01-27
Hi-Tech Highlights From CES 2010
Every year at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), there's an event called Showstoppers where dozens - maybe about a hundred? - technology companies show off their latest wares to the press, and the press drinks so heavily that they wind up giving everything great reviews.

Date: 2010-01-13
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