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Animoto an Amazing Web-based Video Creator
[2008-05-27] One of the communication technologies I like experimenting with is video.

Cell Phone Versus Professional Camera
[2008-05-14] You can't compare a $3,000 digital SLR to a $500 cell phone from Nokia, can you? Well, look at these two photos. Which one was made with the Canon 5D with a 50mm F1.4 lens and which one was made with a Nokia N82 cell phone?

Jott Fights Terse Reply Syndrome
[2008-04-30] For anyone who uses a Blackberry religiously, or works with those who do - you also know that there is a new language that has emerged for that mode of communication.

Adobe Media Player Released
[2008-04-09] We have not really calmed down our restless development fingers since the public announcement of Adobe AIR, and Adobe have announced yet another awesome utility - Adobe Media Player - built on-top of Adobe AIR.

The Disruptive Dilemma of the Entrepreneur
[2008-03-19] Andrew Mobbs, managing director of the Hatchery, has a big dream. He wants to move the world off of credit cards and onto using their cell phones to pay for things.

Google Gears for Mobile
[2008-03-05] Over at the Google Mobile Blog, they've announced the release of Google Gears for mobile.

Using Your iPod for Education
[2008-02-13] Did you know that iPods can be used for more than just listening to music? You can use your iPod for studying and learning as well.

HP launches FOSSology and FOSSBazaar
[2008-01-25] HP just announced the availability of FOSSology, an open source tool that can be used to track and monitor the use of Open Source software within an organization. The main functionality made available at the moment is license detection, more features will be added in the next future.

Automobile Technology for Cell Phones
[2008-01-08] 2008 will undoubtedly see explosive growth in the mobile Web and in the functionality of mobile devices.

The Google Android & Funambol Impact
[2007-12-21] Funambol has released a position paper that discusses Google Android and the Funambol Open Source impact on the mass market for mobile email.

Review: Electrovaya Power Pad External Battery
[2007-12-12] For me one of the main limitations of a laptop based office/lifestyle is battery life.

The Evolution of Home Entertainment
[2007-12-04] Fred Wilson is out with a post describing the evolution of his home entertainment set up.

Review: Toshiba Tecra A8
[2007-11-19] For the past week I've had in my possession a Toshiba Tecra A8 Notebook which I have thanks to Talk Toshiba and it's Tecra A8 triallist programme in which they give bloggers, journalists and community leaders the chance to test out their laptops for a week (more if you request) in exchange for writing an honest, objective review on your blog, forum and community site etc.

Voice Controlled Media Center
[2007-11-14] Amulet Devices has announced a Windows Media Center remote control that has a microphone stick at the top of it, letting you speak into the remote and issue voice commands to your television.

Microsoft Oslo: Does it Lack Interoperability?
[2007-10-31] First, I'm an IBMer. These are my views. IBM does not necessarily agree with them.

Internet Space, Near & Far
[2007-10-22] Vinton Cerf, Google's vice president and chief Internet evangelist, gave a thought-provoking talk in Seoul.

Go live PHP & IIS
[2007-10-10] PHP just got a major boost from Microsoft this morning with the release of FastCGI for windows.

Celebrating 9 Years of Google Technology
[2007-09-27] in late 1997. Sergey Brin in 1999 says, "A perfect search engine will process and understand all the information in the world ... That is where Google is headed."

Home Server Update Announced; HP Delays Hardware Release
[2007-09-05] Microsoft announced that a significant update to the Windows Home Server operating system is currently being prepped for delivery via Windows Update before the end of the month.

The Quest for a Bluetooth Pen Device
[2007-08-22] I am a law student and have completely switched over to a laptop for all of my notes. My laptop is bluetooth and I use a bluetooth mouse. My question is do you know of any bluetooth pen devices? Sometimes it would be helpful to draw things by hand, and the regular mouse doesn't cut it. I want a pen-like device that can act as mouse. Hopefully it would be small, portable, and bluetooth.

Sony Vaio SZ4XWN-C - First impressions
[2007-08-14] In my search for a new portable computer, it wasn't too hard to succumb to the allure of a Sony Vaio SZ series notebook.

Microsoft is Still Product-Driven
[2007-08-01] According to the New York Times, Bill Gates is leaving his position at the head of Microsoft in a time of great change.

Microsoft Enhances Virtual Earth
[2007-06-21] Microsoft and Intermap Technologies have announced the launch of Microsoft's enhanced Virtual Earth 3-D viewing platform based on Intermap Technologies' highly accurate and up-to-date elevation data for all of Great Britain.

The New Touch Screen Experience
[2007-06-11] HTC has announced the global launch of the HTC Touch, a deceptively small and stylish mobile phone that features intuitive touchscreen navigation (very much like the new iPhone).

Attending IBM's Technology Leadership Exchange
[2007-05-23] As most of you may well remember, this week I am going to be away from the office, attending IBM's Technical Leadership Exchange event, a.k.a. IBM's TLE,. in Eurodisney, Paris.

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